Wedding Wishes

It's so hard to believe that my husband and I are approaching our one year anniversary. The months since our wedding have flown by - and although I've certainly taken the time to look through our photos time and again, I haven't had a chance to share out some of the best moments of our [...]

The Dream Dress

As part of the wedding month reflections, today I'll be talking about how I picked out my wedding gown - and what I suggest for your first time out! Although I am 1000% in support of non-traditional wedding looks - I'm a big fan of jumpsuits in particular - I knew I wanted to go [...]

A Super Bowl Champion

This year we're ordering out the main meal for the Super Bowl party, so the pressure for perfecting a calzone or mathematically figuring out how much pulled pork each person will eat is off. I decided tackle (!) one of my favorite desserts - gooey brownies. They're really simply to make, but emotionally it feels [...]

If you can’t cook a turkey,

You're not alone. I am deeply terrified of trying to cook a turkey. I'm no vegetarian, but just solo cooking a giant bird seems a bit horrific to me. Instead, I prefer to bring apps, sides, or a dessert to any Thanksgiving events I attend. If you're responsible for appetizers, you might try one of [...]

Thankfulness Campaign

To me, November has always marked a difficult moment in the seasons up here in New England. The cold of winter starts to really settle over us. It gets darker earlier - and many of us realize that we're in our offices for much of the daylight hours. Getting outside now requires a jacket, and [...]