Smooth Sailing

My investigation into the making of a smoothie bowl was a big success!

It’s always a challenge for me to find time for breakfast. I’m a protein powder and water at the desk kind of girl, and to be honest, I don’t love it. Making this made me slow down – although it did make me a bit late for the rest of my morning, but being present with this first meal of the day was incredibly valuable to me.

I used some basic smoothie items to put together a raspberry chocolate smoothie bowl. I threw all the components into my Ninja and hit pulse – then threw it into the low blend. Whenever I make smoothies, even using frozen berries, I almost always end up adding more water. As i put this together, I made sure not to go overboard with the liquid. For this, I used Coconut milk – mostly for flavor and also to thicken the recipe a bit.

Once everything was blended, I poured the smoothie into bowls – dragging my husband in to taste test along side me – and then set about decorating. I had high expectations for how I could make this bowl look, and I think I fell just short of what I had hoped. In my defense, I had left myself no extra time for this part of my morning, so I rushed a bit. I sliced up some banana, added a few blueberries for good measure, sprinkled some organic, unsweetened coconut flakes, and some whole, organic chia seeds. Ta-da! 001smoothies

It felt a bit weird to be using a spoon to essentially eat a smoothie – but I think I did this backwards, and I’ll definitely try again. I think the smoothie is supposed to be the base, not the main event. I think this is supposed to be more about what you add to it than what the smoothie is. I could be wrong, but I’m going to test this theory out.

I also have never made a smoothie with just raspberries for the fruit before, and I won’t do it again. It was a little to bitter – but since I was topping with blueberries, I didn’t want to over do it!

Ultimately I view this as a compromise – it made me feel like I was eating a real breakfast since it took a minute to actually eat, but it also was still healthy. I love getting veggies in first thing in the morning. It’s always a hard balance for me – having some quick and not having it just be an English muffin with peanut butter.

If you’re going to try this, here’s what I’d suggest:

Watch how much liquid you add to the recipe – you don’t want the smoothie to be too thin.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the recipe you’ll use – I should have thought through the raspberry thing!

Presentation is everything! In truth, I think the reason these smoothie bowls have suddenly popped up across niche breakfast spots and social media posts is the aesthetic. If you’re making this to post, think about the colors you want in your bowl and how to lay them out. If you’re making this to feel more like you’re eating a meal when you have a smoothie rather than a glass of chunky water, it’s a great compromise!

Overall, I’ll definitely give this another try.

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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