I’m a little salty about this…

As you may have read, I tried a new health move this week – adding Himalayan Pink Salt to my morning ounces.

The first time I tried it, I sprinkled the salt into the standing water and sipped away. It wasn’t refreshing – but I didn’t gag. In truth, I definitely need to do this for more days before I make a formal assessment, but I think I felt more energized the first day I drank it. We all know the mind is a powerful thing, though, and that the placebo effect is real. Real real.

Ultimately, I wasn’t impressed. I was expecting the water to taste refreshing – but I felt thirstier after. Maybe this is secretly the trick to getting you more hydrated! This drink makes you really thirsty, and therefore you drink additional water, thus hydrating you.

I don’t really think that – but hey, it’s a theory.

The second day I tried this, I added significantly more salt to my glass, then added water and stirred. I think I maybe had four mouth-fulls of water before I dumped it. I hate wasting food/water, but I really couldn’t stomach it. I tried adding water to the mix, and it didn’t dilute it by any noticeable amount. I even tried to chug it – but that was a no-go as well.

Although I’m hesitant to say it, I think this adventure was a fail. I’m going to look for more recipes and guidance on how to make this more manageable for my taste buds. I’ll definitely try this again, but not any day soon.

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