Honeymoon Hurry

My brand new husband and I had decided to delay our honeymoon by about two months. We were married in March and between balancing work schedules and both of our part-time MBA programs, going immediately after just wasn’t the right move for us.

Let me tell you, I’m so glad we waited. After the wedding we went away for a few nights on a mini-moon, which gave us some much needed rest and much appreciated alone time. We were able to recharge and relive our wedding, but only a two hour drive away.

The slight delay also gave us something amazing to look forward to! A lot of brides deal with a crash after their wedding/honeymoon. You’ve been the center of attention and had your favorite day to look forward to – and now, well now you’ve got your soulmate but not so much attention as being a bride. We didn’t experience this!

The downfall of the delay was that life got hectic and crazy again. We were running around with a million things to do, and never finished planning our honeymoon! We have flights, hotels, and recommendations, but no solid plan. And we haven’t packed.

I’ve made some piles and did a Target run to get some travel essentials (gum, hand sanitizer, and basically every travel side product they offer just for good measure- whups!).

We received brand new luggage for our shower and were excited to put it to good use. The only concern is that we might have too much space – and we have to keep our bags under a certain weight to avoid charges at the airport. We’ll also be moving five times throughout our honeymoon, so we want to be as consolidated as possible.

My plan is to think through the spectrum of things we’ll be doing – hiking, site seeing, swimming, and hopefully a few romantic dinners. Whenever I pack for a longer trip, I try to focus around a color scheme. This always makes shoe and purse choices more cohesive.

When actually packing, I always roll my clothes. I’ve seen some packing hack videos online – and I imagine they do work to save space. But having everything folded in on itself is not practical for finding something when you don’t want to fully unpack in each hotel.

I’ve remembered some key items too:

  • Power converter – remember, not every country has the same plugs!
  • Eye mask! I am a horrible sleeper and being on a plane or a new place doesn’t help with that – an eye mask helps me get some much needed rest.
  • Essential oils – a weird thing to bring for some, but for me, they help me relax. They’re clutch during a bumpy flight or a jet lagged evening.
  • Travel size steamer – I know from previous trips to Europe, not all hotels have irons
  • Comfy shoes that can be worn with a dress while site seeing.
  • A key jacket – this jacket is functional in that it has inside pockets and rain resistant. It’s also adorable and can be added to a casual outfit or balance out a dressier look.
  • Warm clothes for the plane ride – and socks because on long flights I always kick off my shoes.
  • After sun aloe. Believe me, I stocked up on sunscreen, but that’s really not enough for me and my skin routine.

My entire life I’ve packed weeks in advance of every trip – but before my honeymoon, I’m packing the night before we leave the country for 15 days.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Published by pauseforprosecco

A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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