Bachelorette Bash

These days, Bachelorette parties have escalated from an nice dinner in the city to full blown 5 day escapes. It’s a lot of balance – especially considering that friends outside of the bridal party are typically invited to the event. For the bridesmaids planning such a weekend, it’s a lot of logistics, feelings, and details to manage. I’ve put together my top 7 tips to help you manage the planning process.

  1. Ask the Bride – as always, my first suggestion is to connect with the bride (or groom!) to see what they’re envisioning for this celebration. They may want to be totally surprised but more often than not, you’ll find they do have a few ideas for how they want the weekend to go. The bride should also provide you with the guest list and a consistent way to contact everyone (meaning either everyone’s email or everyone’s phone number).
  2. Check in with the bridal party – make sure to clearly share what the bride wants and then open the conversation to their suggestions.
  3. Pick a date first – unless the bride has a very specific destination and date, I suggest picking the weekend first. You need to know the bride’s availability – ask for every weekend within a two month period – and then see when the majority can make it. You can then price shop – if she wants a beach escape, which beach will be the best and the most cost effective for that date.
  4. Think from the bride’s perspective – are you planning something you want to do or are you considering what the bride would love to do? This might not be exactly your ideal weekend, but, with some thoughtful planning, it will be for the bride.
  5. Share details – Communicating updates with attendees is key. You don’t want to overshare but you also want to be sure people know how much they owe – and what it’s being spent on. Let people know where you’re starting, what you’re doing, and what they should expect. Packing lists are also key!
  6. Check Amazon first – I love Etsy and I love supporting small businesses, but if you’re trying to work within a budget, check on Amazon for decorations and even T-Shirts. Decorating a house or a hotel room helps make the bachelorette weekend feel more like a special event rather than a girls weekend.
  7. Favors aren’t required – but they sure are appreciated. Small favors from the Maid of Honor or bridesmaids will make the guests all feel appreciated. And it gives everyone something cute to photograph!

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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