Dip Defying

As you may have read, I tried getting my nails dipped instead of getting a gel manicure. I guess I should have read a few articles – like this one – which outlines the pros and cons, as well as some health concerns, before starting, but, obviously, I did not.

The process of having my nails dipped was definitely an interesting one. There was a lot of drilling – so much so that for a brief moment I had a horrific flashback to getting a cavity filled.

Basically the dip process is layering – but on the plus side, there’s no UV light used in the process.

The place I went to drills down your nail the same way they do to remove gel. Then they paint, dip, paint, dip, paint, dip…and so on.

My place dipped my nail right into the tub of powder – which I have since found out is unsanitary. They buffed the top and used a narrow drill to shape up the part under the tip of my nail. It was all very intimidating.

Unfortunately, there were a few drawbacks.

  • It didn’t feel much like a manicure. There was no hand massage or relaxation – just a lot of drilling.
  • The process also thins your nails – although I’ve since learned you can ask for less drilling.
  • As I mentioned above, my salon dipped my nail right in to the container – which I guess is the unsanitary way to do it!

But it’s not all bad – there are a lot of pros.

  • Three weeks later, I barely have any chips.
  • My nails aren’t peeling like they do with gel – so there’s no hair pulling whenever you wash your hair.
  • The color held up in pools and in the ocean.
  • My light color also didn’t turn as soon as it came in contact with dry shampoo – as my gel nails do.

I’ll definitely try it again, but I’ll be trying it at a different salon.

Published by pauseforprosecco

A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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