Thank You Tasks

In the weeks (months) following your wedding, there is likely to be a lot going on.

One thing not to forget is to track your gifts and send your thank you cards!

For the most part, I feel comfortable writing/sending thank you cards, if I do say so myself. We sent about 100 after our shower and I’ve been sending them across the past year and a half for various engagement gifts.

The day after my wedding shower I sat down and wrote half of them – but somehow, fast approaching 3 months since my big day, I haven’t sent a single one!

First we had to wait for our wedding photos- but our photographer got those back to us literally on the one month mark, so that’s no excuse.

Then we couldn’t agree on which photo to use – which best captured our day? Which made each of us look our best?

I must have sent well over a dozen to my husband to ask for his preference. He didn’t love the ones I suggested. He sent me back ones he liked – many of which were the ones I suggested and he originally rejected! I sent back the ones I liked and so on…and we are so so so so close to actually picking one.

Somehow ordering thank you cards has become really stressful! I realize we have a year to send them, but now I feel like we’re behind!

Although we managed to send our Save the Date cards, the photo we used was from a distance, and it had details on it so it felt different than this. I’ve never sent a holiday card with my face on it so I think this is why I’m so nervous to send everyone a thank you card with my face plastered on it!

I guess also, in truth, this sort of ends our wedding. It sounds weird, but after this our wedding moment will be over. Yes, we get to spend forever together – but I’m not a bride anymore! This is the last bridal move I’ll get to do!

In the midst of all the indecision, we then hit a snag with another piece – we ordered over 500 prints to include in our thank you cards and they were all cropped horribly!

On top of that, the delivery person left them on our steps in the rain- despite having a covered entryway.

Our plan for the prints is to include a few in each thank you card. For each guest, we did our best to find a flattering photo of them – and that’s the print (or prints) were including with their thank you card. Some of these photos are really precious – my aunt dancing with her great-nephew, my best friend absolutely glowing at her boyfriend. I want to share these with my guests!

So back to the drawing board. I need to re-crop every photo and re-order them. From there, I need to sort them so I can figure out which photos are going in which thank you note! This will get tricky because we have a few big group photos – and we’re sending a copy to each person included. Sigh.

My plan is to (finally) order our thank you cards, and re-order the prints.

I’ll then reference our excel sheet and begin writing out the personalized notes!

Here’s what I suggest for thank you notes:

  • Make them personal – do you have a nickname for a friend? Use it.
  • Politely reference the gift. Did they give you a check? You can call it “your generous gift” and let them know that you’ll be putting it towards something positive – saving for your dream home, doing an activity on your honeymoon etc.. Maybe don’t detail it if you’re just casually going on a shopping spree.
  • If it’s not a check, you can refer to it as generous or another winner is “thoughtful.” Pots and pans? Tell them you can’t wait to try new recipes with your new spouse. Platters? Say you’re looking forward to hosting family/friends for years to come.
  • Thank them for celebrating with you at your wedding – or that you missed them at the party.
  • Close by saying that you’re looking forward to seeing them soon or that you’ll think of them as you use their gift – or that you appreciate their support as you begin your next chapter.

I’m planning to order ours and tackle these in the next two weekend. We have to send over 150 out and I hope each will feel personal to our guest.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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