Big Day, Bigger Morning

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, but also might be one of the most stressful.

To be sure you enjoy every moment, I’ve put together seven tips for making the morning of your wedding a relaxing, memorable experience.

  1. Share your timeline – with bridesmaids, photographers, and key participants. Clear communication is key to ensuring things go smoothly. This also makes other people accountable – which means less for you to keep track of. You don’t need to be making sure the next girl is getting her hair done, you can ask them to keep things moving.
  2. Add a buffer – however long you think getting ready, or moving locations, add a bit of extra time. Having expectations that someone will run late or that there might be traffic will help reduce the stress if you have extra time built in.
  3. Surround yourself with positivity – who should be getting ready with you isn’t always clear. Obviously you’ll want your bridesmaids, and anyone who fulfills the mother figure role in your life. You might always want cousins or other relatives. Think about how including these people will go, though – will it cause stress on the timeline? Will it create any tension? Think through these questions before extending invitations.
  4. Eat – this may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s so important. Make sure you have food available for your bridal party too. Hydrating is key as well! Have water early and pee before you put your dress on.
  5. Make a playlist – of your favorite songs or songs that remind you of your significant other. It’s often a long morning, so adding some jams can help keep the energy up.
  6. Have a trial run – with hair and makeup. You might even try to have your trials before a dress fitting so you can be sure you like how it all goes together. This way when your hair and makeup is done, you’ll already know you love it.
  7. Be present – try to remember to take some deep breaths and realize how beautiful the day is. You’ll be surrounded by love, and you’re marrying the love of your life. Enjoy it.

Published by pauseforprosecco

A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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