This week I’ve been helping a MOH finalize details for her older sister’s bachelorette party. The MOH is such a sweet girl, but hasn’t been to many bachelorette parties yet since she hasn’t reached her “wedding season” yet.

We were talking about games, so I thought I’d share a post about some easy bachelorette party games. Not all bachelorette parties are wild, but if your crowd is ready to rage, a few games might help. Sometimes with so many different people from different parts of the bride’s life coming together, it’s hard to make a cohesive group. College friends stay with college friends, and the high school clique stays close together. Games are an easy way to break the ice – these games involve drinking, so as usual, 21 and over please.

  • The groom answers game – before heading away for the party, send the groom a list of 10 questions. Ask him to record the questions and answers in a video for his bride to be (FYI this is a great shower game, sans the drinking). Be sure to tell him to pause in between reading the question aloud and sharing his answer. During the bachelorette, play the video and pause it before he shares his answer. The bride has to guess what the groom’s answer will be. If the bride guesses right, the guests drink – if the bride is wrong, she takes a sip. Questions could include where the couple’s first date was, her favorite meal he makes, what annoys her most about him, moment she’s most excited for at the wedding – anything you want!
  • The underwear challenge – this game can get pretty hilarious depending on the crowd. Each guest is asked to bring a pair of underwear for the bride (delicately share her size with guests ahead of time). The underwear can be hung as a banner to be displayed as part of the decorations, or can be put in a bag for the bride to pull each out of. The point of the game is for the bride to guess who gave her which pair – same idea as the first game, if she’s right, the guest drinks (the giver of the undies) and if she’s wrong, the bride drinks. I’ve seen these sets of underwear include anywhere from candy undies to literal mumus with a tag that read, “for the nights the answer is no.”
  • Memories – this is another one that could be played at a shower minus the drinking. Every guest writes down their favorite memory with the bride, and then the bride reads each aloud and has to guess who submitted it. Same drinking rules as above. If this is played at a shower, it gets extra complicated because the memories are for the bride or the groom – so it might be a memory from the groom’s great aunt that you’ve never heard of before!
  • Power hour – after college, you may have a very visceral reaction to this, but hear me out. If the theme calls for it – like a Beyoncè weekend – you can make an appropriate playlist. Pick a word from each song and relive the days where hangovers didn’t last a week.
  • Scavenger hunt – while the games above are great for a pregame, you might want to add a little adventure to your night. Put together a list of challenges for guests to tackle as the night goes on. Each needs to be documented with a photo, and whoever completes the most wins the prize (may I suggest a bottle of prosecco?). Tasks may be getting a stranger to buy the group a round, taking a photo with a newlywed couple, finding someone with the groom’s first name all the way up to dancing on a bar!

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