During a meeting with a sweet bride last night we got to discussing wedding week logistics. For her timeline, this conversation was a bit premature, but her future in-laws will be flying in from out of state and they wanted to plan ahead.

In reviewing high level, last minute logistics, I realized that until you’ve lived through it, you might not realize all that has to happen in the days leading up to your wedding. It can be stressful, but if you anticipate it, and you’re organized, it won’t be an issue at all! Take a look at the list I put together below of commonly unexpected things brides don’t anticipate the week of their weddings.

  1. Everyone needs a meeting – this one you might expect but it feels a lot different when you’re wrapping up stuff at work, squeezing in last minute workouts, and finalizing seating plans. All of your vendors will want to connect with you in the final days before your wedding. Be proactive and schedule these meetings in advance – and see who will meet two weeks before the wedding rather than week of.
  2. You pick up your gown – as a bride, this was the most shocking week-of detail I encountered. After being sure the bridesmaids had their dresses well in advance, why was mine supposed to be collected 24 hours before the ceremony? The pick up time really threw off my Friday hopes and dreams. Think through what you need to get done the day before your wedding, and then think through dress pickup (but remember, once you have it, you need to keep it in mint condition!).
  3. Your seating chart will change – whether it be guests who can’t make it or changes of heart, your seating chart – all that blood, sweat and tears – will have tiny changes. Do your best not to sweat it and just respond as best you can. Everyone will have a seat. Everyone will eat. Just do your best to make the necessary adjustments and realize it happens to everyone.
  4. The drop off will be intense – a few days before your reception, you’ll likely need to drop off all of your decor and favors to your venue. If you’re doing welcome bags for your overnight guests, you’ll need to drop those off at the hotel as well. Loading up the cars takes time and organization. Be sure to label everything and print out detailed lists of what you’re handing over to venues and notes for setup. And then have a glass of prosecco cause you’re about to marry your person!
  5. You need a day-after plan – although you may have your morning-after brunch look laid out, there are a lot of other logistics to wrap up. One many brides forget is that you need to pick up all of your decorations! Any of your decor that belongs to you is your responsibility to take out of the venue. Don’t let your bridal party run off without helping! It’s always an afterthought but it turns into chaos – especially if your venue has a timeline that you have to clear out by! You’re also married now! Don’t forget to pop some prosecco!

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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