For the past few months I’ve been helping a Maid of Honor finalize plans for her sister’s bachelorette weekend. The MOH is so sweet and wants the weekend to be absolutely perfect. As with anything, though, there are some things that are just outside of your control.

In this case, it’s the weather.

While the details and logistics were finalized a few weeks ago, the weather forecast is now calling not only for showers but for thunderstorms throughout the day. Needless to say, the MOH is a bit nervous.

The initial plan was a spin class in the morning, a boozey sail through the harbor in the afternoon, patio dinner and bar hopping at night. Luckily, the whole day won’t be ruined since spin is spin and brutal whether it’s sunny out or lighting is striking. Patio dinner can easily be shifted indoors. But the sailboat ride was sort of the capstone to the weekend – when the girls were planning to wear their custom made tees and use their party favors from MOH. The storm may rain on their parade, but you all know that saying about learning to dance in the rain.

I worked with her yesterday to come up with a rain plan.

The key to a last minute rain plan is two-fold.

  1. You don’t want it to suddenly cost the group a significant amount of money last minute.
  2. It has to be something that can be implemented last minute if it’s needed.

This particular bachelorette party is planned for Portland, Maine. This leaves the group with a lot options!

A few ideas we discussed were:

  • Brewery tours and tastings – Portland is literally filled with breweries and getting a tour is often inexpensive. It takes up time, gives people a common focus, and allows for a shared topic of conversation. The tasting area is normally pretty fun too! This bride doesn’t do beer, so this option is out (although if a wine tasting were available this could work as well).
  • Manicures or pedicures – this requires a bit more cash, but if you can anticipate this far enough in advance, the girls might just hold off on getting it done before packing up for the weekend. Treat the bride – and see if you can find a salon that lets you bring in prosecco!
  • Blowouts – if your bride always wants her hair looking perfect, you might be able to get the group in for blowouts. Most salons serve champagne and they’re always ready for a group having a good time.
  • Being a tourist – exploring the city. Checking out the downtown shops, lingerie shopping in particular, was also discussed. Although not quite a central activity, this would keep the group out of the hotel and active. Add on a boozey lunch, and it’s an afternoon well spent.
  • Bar crawl – while this might not scream special occasion, it can still be fun – especially if your evening includes some sort of activity like a comedy show or drag show. See if you can find some place with live music or a happy hour and get ready to dance!
  • Scavenger hunt – this is the one we decided on. We put together a set of challenges for the group to complete for certain points. These range from finding a guy with the same name as the groom, to getting a bar tender to let you behind the bar to mix a drink, to dancing on tables, and getting a whole bar to quiet down while making a toast to the bride. This format will be similar to a bar crawl, but a few of the tasks can be completed during lunch or during a snack stop. We decided doing this in teams would be the most fun – and the MOH is going to have all the girls draw numbers. I wanted to be sure that the group mixed with each other rather than having high school friends stay together and college girls team up. The prize will be a bottle of the bride’s favorite booze.
  • My last bit of advice on this is that the key to success is to not let the bride know the plan has been ruined – yet. You can tell her after, but don’t bring down the energy further by telling her that the most perfect outdoor activity has been ruined. It’s better for it to rain on the Bach than the wedding!

Adults only please!

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