ClassPass has successfully made me exercise at three different times in the last week that in other circumstances, I would have bailed.

The consequences of canceling a class within 12 hours is $15 and missing a class is $20. You can read more about their cancellation policy here. Since we’re currently renovating our first home, I’m not in the business of throwing around 20s, so despite early morning alarms or heatwaves, I’ve made it to these classes. If you read my post about being great before eight, apparently for me, financial incentives are the best trick.

ClassPass has allowed me to try three new studios, which I otherwise probably wouldn’t have visited.

Last week I checked out the O2 Yoga in Somerville, MA.  I was literally shocked at how challenging this class was. I’ve been casually practicing yoga for over 12 years, and there were more than a handful of moves and positions in this class that I’ve never seen before. Although the parking situation is less than ideal if you’re not local, the studio was spacious, and the instructor was amazing. Two of my closest friends go to O2 regularly and they’ve raved about all of the instructors.

Feeling energized, I tried out a spin studio in my soon-to-be town of Melrose, Mass. Fit Life seems to be brand new, and the spin studio is pretty large. I’ve never actually been to a spin class where your performance is shown on the screen, and unfortunately, despite a great experience otherwise, I’m not sure I’ll return. It’s a little too competitive for me. I think the reason I like group fitness classes is because I get energized by others – but I’m there to work on my own health, not feel like I have to compare myself to others. The studio overall was well situated in town, easy parking, and a helpful staff. And it was a great workout – I could feel it in my legs every time I approached a flight of stairs!

This morning I tried my first real Pilates class at btone Fitness in Lexington, MA. It’s only been a few hours since I left the class, but I can already feel the struggle in my abs. The studio was easy to find, bright, clean, and had mostly brand new equipment. The instructor was helpful in explaining the machine – which was terrifying to me – and supporting the class through any modifications. Overall, although I think I might puke, I’ll definitely be going back.

Out of these classes, I’m most excited about Pilates. I’ve done yoga at dozens of studios and spin at a handful, but I’ve never done a true Pilates class. I’ve done at-home Pilates videos, but the machines really make a difference. Confession: I was very nervous I’d fall off. But I didn’t. And if you’ve done barre before, a lot of the movements will feel familiar. I really encourage you to try a class!

I’m not sure I’ll be investing in ClassPass after this exciting two week trial, but I definitely see the value in it. You can attend studios that have a specific focus area, but you can still explore multiple types of exercise. While some may invest in a studio that only offers yoga or spin, ClassPass let’s you enjoy the benefits of each.

Now off to find some carbs!

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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