Of all of the details of your wedding day, center pieces often become the center of attention. Throughout the day, your guests are moving, greeting, dancing. But for over an hour, your guests are stationary at a seat. Whether you’re serving brunch of a 5 course dinner, your center pieces become the center of attention.

Your mind may automatically go to a floral center piece – and why wouldn’t it? That’s a classic – but it’s not your only option. You can incorporate books, photos, candles – pieces that make your day look like you and your person. But there are ways to make center pieces work and there are ways to make center pieces work with your wedding.

For this week’s Saturday Sevens, I’m sharing 7 tips to make your center pieces worth the attention.

  1. Space – this became the primary discussion point my husband and I kept coming back to. Think about it – you sit down at a fully set table, and you likely have 9 people surrounding your table. You have a glass of prosecco with you – okay or your own drink of choice – and your escort card, and your clutch. On the table is a water glass, a wine glass, and a toasting flute for you and your 9 companions. And bread dishes. And full plates and cutlery. And maybe a message from the bride and groom – potentially along with a favor. Oh and the center piece. Don’t take up more room than you need – but also realize that you don’t want your center piece to look dinky. Lay out a full setting if you can during a venue meeting, and get a sense of what space is available.
  2. Height hustle – tall center pieces can be elegant, a true statement. But remember that they need to be tall enough, and stable enough, to make the guest experience enjoyable. You don’t want to block the view for folks across the table – that limits who guests can interact with. If you have ivy falling from the vase, be mindful of your candle placement below.
  3. Play with light – if you’re seeking romantic lighting, consider incorporating candles. Be mindful that most venues have policies on open flames – so check this with your venue. In many cases, as long as the flame is encased, you’re good to go. Some brides go with battery operated candles – try it out at home before you decide.
  4. Shape Shifter – you don’t have the have the same center piece on every table. You also might love how a center piece looks on a round table, but hate how it looks on a square or rectangle table. If you’re designing your own, be sure to play around with your practice piece. If you’re working with a florist, don’t hesitate to express your concerns. Arrangements can be expanded or made to be tighter easily, so don’t doubt yourself and just ask to see it.
  5. Stay on theme – if you’ve had a coastal affair, with nautical accents and a lot of light, stuff red roses may be a bit off message. Think about items that tie in with your theme, your escort cards, and your colors. You can be creative, but don’t forget to string it all together.
  6. Consider cost – remember that as you design your dream center piece, whatever one individual one costs you’ll need to multiply it by however many tables you have at your reception. We had 22 tables – so we were mindful of costs when designing ours.
  7. Don’t forget your own! If you’re sitting at a head table or a sweetheart table, you should pay special attention to your own. A head table may call for multiple center pieces if it’s a long farm table. A sweetheart table might not be able to hold a full center piece. Consider running ivy or flowers across the length of your table.

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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