Not sure if we should dive into how ironic it would be, BUT, it is something to be aware of.

A wedding I attended recently was held in a beautiful tent on the coast. The couple got lucky – the rain held off and the breeze wasn’t bad, but it got me thinking of weather plans.

Whether you’re planning a fully outdoors wedding or just worried about dashing between ceremony and reception locations, being aware of the weather is definitely anxiety inducing to any bride. But don’t worry – today I’m sharing some tips to help keep your day perfect, regardless of the weather.

For any weather, there are ways to make your guests comfortable and your photos cute. Think about these in the weeks leading up to your big day:

  • With fall upon us, many brides might be concerned with the chill in the air. If your plan is photos outside, you might want to get your girls wraps as part of their thank you gifts. These are practical, and can be on theme.
  • A bit of a chill can add some coziness to your wedding. Consider taking an idea from Pinterest and offering guests blankets to snuggle in during your vows. Can you say romance?
  • If rain is in the forecast, hit up Amazon prime and get some umbrellas – order them in your colors or get the clear ones to make extra charming photos. If your pictures aren’t outside, the groomsmen could always use the umbrellas to help escort guests into your venue from the parking lot or bus.
  • You may have lucked out and missed the actual rain, but the ground might be muddy. Consider offering your guests heel protectors so they can make it across the grass to your ceremony site.
  • Although snow might be months away in New England, you could always invest in some Hunter boots. Show off a little boot and take photos – or keep your gown down and no one will know.
  • To battle cold, windy days get your wedding party pocket heat packs – and pack extra hair spray. And chapstick.
  • If you end up with hot and humid weather for your backyard bash, don’t forget to have extra water on hand! Create a shade station if you don’t have any indoor options, and remember to drink water yourself as well!
  • As always, talk to your wedding consultant for ideas – and a plan! A rain plan might complicate you stress-free planning dreams, but ultimately having contingencies in place will keep you calmer. The day is about you celebrating your love with your closest friends and family, so as long as everyone is comfortable, the forecast doesn’t matter!

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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