Out of every historic site across Greece, I would argue that the Acropolis is the most well-known. In my experience, it is also the hardest to explore!

During our days in Athens we toured as many historic sites as possible. We were awed by the age of them, and the beauty. The magic of Athens is that most of these sites have been incorporated right into the modern day city. They’ve even put in glass side walks in parts of the city, so all of a sudden you can look down and see ancient ruins right below your feet.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Arch of Hadrian sit right at the corner of a busy intersection. After touring sites like these, my husband and I thought we’d just walk quickly up to the Acropolis before lunch.

This. Was. A. Mistake.

The Acropolis has so much history that it can’t be visited in an hour. Although other sites can be quickly visited, the Acropolis deserves at least half a day.

It’s also quite the walk to the top. You should be sure to pack water and some snacks. Prepare for crowds, but the property also provides you with the opportunity to take your time and connect with various points on the walk up. If you enter from the main side, which we did not, you can find your guides waiting to take you through history.

From the Parthenon was under construction when we arrived, but that didn’t take away from the awe inspiring moment.

I also encourage you to buy the package of tickets that many of the temples and historic sites offer. It’s worth the money to combine it.

My other tip is this: wear good shoes. I get it, you need to look good for your photos – BUT we walked the Acropolis on a day where it misted a bit, and let me tell you, marble gets slick. Thousands and thousands of people have walked those same steps, and while it wears its age well, the steps are slippery.

The new Acropolis museum is definitely worth a visit as well. It’s brand new and packed with incredible artifacts. Plan to spend a few hours there!

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