A few weeks ago I saw an Instagram influencer post about Floating – and instantly I had to learn more.

Come to find out, are few things in the world that sound more like they were made for me than floating.

It’s just like it sounds – there are float tanks that allow for private meditation and relaxation while floating in an Epsom salt tub. Although it likely varies by salon, these are designed as 90 minute sessions organized around sensory deprivation – so it’s a silent space with no distractions.

I started telling my husband about it and low and behold – he booked me a float for my birthday as part of a weekend of surprises.

And it was everything I hoped it would be.

As part of Float Boston, the location I went to was clean, quiet, and comfortable. Everyone gets their own private room which includes a shower.

You’re asked to shower before you get into the tub, which makes sense to me. Then you’re left alone to float.

The tub itself is in almost a tank – so envision a door that would be on a submarine – but a glamorous submarine. The tub area stays nice and warm, and since you’re now behind two doors, the space stays quiet.

The booth I went in was Starry Nights – so above the tub were tiny LED lights to look like stars. Although you can go into total darkness, I was really glad to have the lights.

Floating is supposed to help with physical tension as well as anxiety. It really does make you feel light – the floating is so calming, and the warm water is very comforting. The silence allows you to move away from your to do list.

I did have a brief moment of panic that I would panic – if that makes any sense – but I think it was such an immersive process, that it quickly passed. I was really able to calm down and just focus on my breathing. I’ve had the moment in yoga classes before where I totally loose track of time and can’t figure out if there’s 10 minutes left or 45, but even this floated right out of my mind.

They really did think of everything. They play soft music to indicate the end of the session, which is a very peaceful way to come back to life after being totally zen.

It took me a few minutes to get my mind right and reengaged after so much relaxation. In fact, I almost got to the car before realizing I was still wearing their flip flops and had left my nice leather boots inside! Luckily I ran back in to change shoes without slipping and without getting frostbite – but I was glad my husband was driving not me!

Some pro tips:

  • Pack like you’re showering at the gym if you’re not going straight home.
  • Don’t wash your hair before you go, because you have to use the shampoo they provide on site.
  • Rely on the salt lamp. The salon I went to had an overhead light in the shower space but also a salt lamp. The host suggested that I leave just the salt lamp on when I went into the tub to make getting out easier, and I’m really glad I did. The bright lights would have been overwhelming.

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A Boston girl who loves her pearls. Follow along with me as I balance a busy schedule and try to incorporate one new adventure a week into my life!

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