This year we’re ordering out the main meal for the Super Bowl party, so the pressure for perfecting a calzone or mathematically figuring out how much pulled pork each person will eat is off.

I decided tackle (!) one of my favorite desserts – gooey brownies.

They’re really simply to make, but emotionally it feels like you’re prepping for 3 separate desserts.

Things you’ll need:

  • Ores – just one pack, and you can get double stuffed if you’re feeling up to it
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough – I’ll be honest, I used a pre-made package – no shame in the game
  • Brownie mix – and whatever ingredients your specific mix calls for. Mine called for 2 eggs, water, and oil
  • A well-greased pan
  • To begin:
    • Be sure your pan is sprayed down – including the sides
      Preheat your oven to the brownie cooking temperature – mine was 350*
      Prep your brownie mix by following your specific recipe directions (normally found on the box unless you’re magically making these from scratch!)
  • Creating:

      First things first, smoosh down a layer of cookie dough across the entire baking pan – you want this to be about a quarter inch thick
      Top with Oreos – my favorite Pyrex baking pan magically fits 16 Oreos so I always feel calmed by that organization needs
      Pour the brownie mix over – so now you have a layer of cookie dough topped with Oreos and the brownie mix will cover all of it
  • Baking

      So this is the tricky bit – you should bake based off of your pan size in relation to the brownie baking directions – but take them out a little early
      You want the brownies to be a little gooey, but obviously don’t want to get sick. I normally plan for them to be more gooey than they should be, because these need to be served hot.


    • As I mentioned above, this situation should be served hot – I normally throw them in to the end zone oven before serving, which cooks up the brownie mix a bit more
    • If the gooey/undercooked part freaks you out, they’re still delicious cooked all the way through!
  • I also top with ice cream – personal preference, but I really encourage vanilla if you’re unsure which flavor
  • You can find similar recipes on Pinterest! Please be sure not to undercook too much! I want everyone to stay healthy and happy! If you’re unsure how to tell, I normally stick a toothpick or a fork in and see how clean it is when I pull it back out. A ton of batter means leave it in!!
  • Go Patriots!

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