Juice Justification

So as you may have read, I recently tried my first juice.

The one I tried included spinach, celery, cucumber, and kiwi – maybe a few other things. My husband’s had mango, grapefruit, orange, apple, lime, and mint in it.

To be honest, I was sort of nervous to try it. I was nervous it would taste like a weird veggie combo, and it would taste too healthy to drink. Equally I was terrified it would make me sick – I have a very weird stomach and the slightest changes to my diet can put me in a lot of pain.

But I’ve heard about how delicious juices are, and all the health benefits of juicing. I also felt like trying something new – because it was beautiful out, I was on a walk with my husband, and why shouldn’t I? Why did I need to get the same old thing?

Anyway, we tried them.

The employees added veggie and fruit after veggie and fruit – and a slow trickle of juice came out. The machine separated out the waste – although this seemed magical to me because how did the machine know what to keep and what not to? In went peels and cores and butts of veggies and out cake juice.

The machine was loud but it was fast. Soon we had our drinks in hand.

What did we think?

Well neither of us split it out – both of us actually thought they were pretty yummy. The person who prepared them for us was very patient with me. I asked a million questions and stared over the counter watching her every move.

The juicer itself seemed VERY intense. I was impressed by how many fruits and veggies went in to each – it really justified the pricing.

The employee told us that the juices would probably keep us full for about an hour. She also told us that juice cleanses normally include enough protein in them that people stay full throughout the day.

My juice separated almost immediately – although my husband’s did not. I’m not sure why this was, and despite my best mixing effort, it didn’t go back to its original consistency. The struggle.

The added bonus of this adventure was that we got to try out a really cute shop – Quench Juice in Scituate, Massachusetts. They are located in the harbor, and sell local various pieces of work by local artists.

Overall, we’re not investing in a juicer – but grabbing a juice might be a healthy alternative for us instead of a quick Dunkins pit stop. Especially now that juiceries are popping up everywhere.

If you’re exploring juicing at home, you might want to check the Juicing Calculator to see just how healthy your drink is. I think we’ve all fallen in to that trap of thinking we’re making a healthy smoothie when we’re really just drinking sugar.

Overall, I’ll definitely try it again, but this won’t become my daily routine.

Great Before Eight

A few years ago I started joking around with my friends about being great before eight – as in exercising before 8AM.

The number of times I have successfully done this can be counted on one hand. Literally. I have distinct memories of every time I have actually woken up to my alarm – meaning gotten out of bed rather than snoozing 17 times –  and actually worked out before work.

Don’t get me wrong – I wake up pretty well in the morning. I make a day of meals (depending on how well meal prep went), often times unload and reload the dishwasher, do some laundry, and when necessary, do homework or make an errand or two on the way to work. It’s not as though I can’t crawl out of bed and be productive before 8AM. I just can’t exercise.

I’ve read countless things about how good it is for your body and soul to exercise in the morning – and from a scheduling perspective, it makes a lot of sense too. I’ve read tricks about starting your workout immediately upon waking up, before your body can even realize what’s going on. It doesn’t matter. I’ll throw in 10 push-ups before the shower or do some squats while brushing my teeth, but for some reason, I can’t seem to get out for a run or to a spin class or a yoga class more than once a year.

We could dive into why this is – laziness, tiredness, my mattress, subconscious self-destructive tendencies – but the why isn’t my concern at the moment. I’m determined to workout every morning during this workweek.

I’m going to employ all the techniques I can think of:

  • lay out my gym clothes before I go to sleep
  • set a second alarm – and not the one on my phone that’s within reach of my pillow (another issue we’ll approach later)
  • have my meals prepped and a shake ready to go
  • sign up for a class outside of my gym that I’ve paid for
  • make a plan to meet a friend for a class 

I will do it. Or I’ll try my very best.

I’ll let you know how it goes.