Just Juice

Have you ever tried juicing? I haven’t. I’ve heard a lot about it, read about the health benefits, seen all the trendy new storefronts opening up – but I’ve never tried it. Is it a meal replacement? A supplement? A treat? Overall I have some confusion. As usual, I turned to my pal Google. There […]

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Packed it all in

Needless to say, we successfully made it to our honeymoon – and our suitcases were just at the perfect weight. My biggest packing mistake was not laying all of my outfits out – and packing too many statement pieces. Everything ended up alright, but there were just not enough combinations in my bag to make […]

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Honeymoon Hurry

My brand new husband and I had decided to delay our honeymoon by about two months. We were married in March and between balancing work schedules and both of our part-time MBA programs, going immediately after just wasn’t the right move for us. Let me tell you, I’m so glad we waited. After the wedding […]

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