Bach Bash

This week I’ve been helping a MOH finalize details for her older sister’s bachelorette party. The MOH is such a sweet girl, but hasn’t been to many bachelorette parties yet since she hasn’t reached her “wedding season” yet. We were talking about games, so I thought I’d share a post about some easy bachelorette party […]

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Stressing Down the Aisle

The process of planning your wedding can be an absolutely magical experience – but it is also likely to be the most stressful event you’ll plan. We get it – the day needs to be perfect. You’ve waited your whole life for it. You’re spending boatloads on it. You’ve invited relatives you haven’t seen since you were […]

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Proposal then Planning

For years I’ve been talking to brides as they plan their big day. From tiny detail decisions, to seating arrangements, to selecting readings, managing challenging in-laws, to resolving final logistics. These brides have always been close friends or family members, and the conversations have been casual, over wine, via text, at events. Now, though, I’m […]

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