Stressing Down the Aisle

The process of planning your wedding can be an absolutely magical experience – but it is also likely to be the most stressful event you’ll plan. We get it – the day needs to be perfect. You’ve waited your whole life for it. You’re spending boatloads on it. You’ve invited relatives you haven’t seen since you were […]

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Meaningful Meditation

In such a busy world, sometimes it’s hard to find a moment to yourself. Even when we do, we’re trained to have our phones with us – logged in to social media accounts, checking email, responding to group texts. Many of us, I think, have become afraid of true silence. It’s intimidating – and I […]

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Proposal then Planning

For years I’ve been talking to brides as they plan their big day. From tiny detail decisions, to seating arrangements, to selecting readings, managing challenging in-laws, to resolving final logistics. These brides have always been close friends or family members, and the conversations have been casual, over wine, via text, at events. Now, though, I’m […]

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Slowly Slowcooking

It might be a deep-rooted paranoia, or just maybe a lingering concern from all of those “stop, drop, and roll” trainings we had as kids, but I’m terrified of crock pots. I’m so nervous to leave them on at home while going to work. I literally unplug all of our appliances when I leave for […]

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Big Day, Bigger Morning

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, but also might be one of the most stressful. To be sure you enjoy every moment, I’ve put together seven tips for making the morning of your wedding a relaxing, memorable experience. Share your timeline – with bridesmaids, photographers, and key participants. […]

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Juice Justification

So as you may have read, I recently tried my first juice. The one I tried included spinach, celery, cucumber, and kiwi – maybe a few other things. My husband’s had mango, grapefruit, orange, apple, lime, and mint in it. To be honest, I was sort of nervous to try it. I was nervous it […]

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Just Juice

Have you ever tried juicing? I haven’t. I’ve heard a lot about it, read about the health benefits, seen all the trendy new storefronts opening up – but I’ve never tried it. Is it a meal replacement? A supplement? A treat? Overall I have some confusion. As usual, I turned to my pal Google. There […]

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