Started at the bottom…

And we’re still here. As brand new owners of a fixer upper, my husband and I are getting a lot of (much needed) words of wisdom. One piece of that we promptly and partially disregarded was the idea of starting projects at the top of the house and making our way down. The reasoning behind […]

Home – or something like that

This past weekend was probably top five emotional experiences of my life. On Friday morning, my husband and I closed on our first house. And boy does it need love. We’ve been actively house hunting for at least six months – but it’s safe to say my husband has been searching for years. When we […]

Humble Home

For this week’s adventure I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before – something not everyone has the opportunity to do in their lifetime, something the average person only once or twice on their lives – close on a home. Our first home. My husband has been talking about owning a house since our first […]