Frosè fourth

As you may have read, I decided to try out a frosè recipe while away for the Fourth of July! In my first post, I wrote that I’d be swapping out strawberries for raspberries – which, unfortunately, I did not do. The grocery store I went by only had frozen strawberries, and in a time […]

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Flawless Frosè

Have you had frosè yet? It’s frozen rosè and it’s safe to say that it’s trending. I first had frosè after a day at the Barge in Brooklyn. It wasn’t fundamentally life changing, but as far as branching away from prosecco, I didn’t regret it. Fourth of July is upon us, and I’m spending the […]

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Slowly Slowcooking

It might be a deep-rooted paranoia, or just maybe a lingering concern from all of those “stop, drop, and roll” trainings we had as kids, but I’m terrified of crock pots. I’m so nervous to leave them on at home while going to work. I literally unplug all of our appliances when I leave for […]

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Smooth Sailing

My investigation into the making of a smoothie bowl was a big success! It’s always a challenge for me to find time for breakfast. I’m a protein powder and water at the desk kind of girl, and to be honest, I don’t love it. Making this made me slow down – although it did make […]

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Smoothie Soup

At this point, if you use social media, you’ve noticed the smoothie bowl trend. It looks like the perfect blend of health and fashion somehow mixed up into a bowl. These smoothie bowls have a lot of pressure on them to model perfectly – one berry out of place and suddenly the bowl is just […]

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