The Write-In

For any bride, regardless of how unique their planning is, there is one thing they share; wedding planning is stressful. Among the top stressers is the guest list – and beyond the guest list, the uninvited guest. It happened to me in planning, and I’ve seen it happen to so many brides. After much consideration, […]

Details Meetings

Details meetings with your wedding venue can be a really exciting moment to see all of your hard work and planning come together – or it can create a lot of a stress if you’re not prepared for it! If you haven’t head of this meeting yet, let me give you some context: a details […]

The Dream Dress

A wedding gown is truly a unique article of clothing. Although I am 1000% in support of non-traditional wedding looks – I’m a big fan of jumpsuits in particular – I knew I wanted to go with a classic white gown. For a while, I envisioned more of a bohemian look – something with lace […]

It’s like rain on your wedding day

Not sure if we should dive into how ironic it would be, BUT, it is something to be aware of. A wedding I attended recently was held in a beautiful tent on the coast. The couple got lucky – the rain held off and the breeze wasn’t bad, but it got me thinking of weather […]